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Splitsville Pace of Law Firm Breakups Accelerates…

Two years after making partner at Langdon & Emison, Rob Sullivan couldn’t see a way to advance. “I was always going to be behind the two older partners,” he said. Sullivan, 40, figured the only way he could have more of a stake was to get out of the firm. So he did, along with three Langdon & Emison associates. They joined with Jose Bautista as name partners in the new Kansas City plaintiffs’ firm – Sullivan, Bautista, Morgan, Allen & Chronic. Three attorneys were left at langdon & Emison, which since has hired three more.

The July law firm split was the fifth Missouri Laywers Media has reported since November. That compares to two reported in the previous 12 months.

Langdon & Emison has an automotive defect practice area, and the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies have affected a couple of its cases. But business at the personal injury firm has never been better, Bob Langdon said. Sullivan said he wasn’t poorly compensated at the firm, but he wanted more of a say in running it. “Most law firm breakups are about the financial aspect eventually,” Sullivan said. “You get to the point where you’re doing a certain amount of work and getting a certain amount of results, and you feel like you want a bigger cut of it.”