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Tips for Driving Safely around Semi-Trucks

When you take a driver education class, one of the topics that is rarely touched on is driving safely around semi-trucks. The fact is, if you have an accident with an 18-wheeler, it will almost always lead to significant injuries to the individuals in the passenger vehicle.

The fact is, truck drivers are regular people- just like all the other people who are on the road. This means you will discover a number of really careful drivers out there, as well as some sub-par ones. However, more than 72 percent of all accidents that involve a large truck are proven to be the fault of the other vehicle.

This makes it evident that most people do not understand how to safely drive around 18-wheelers. Some tips that will help you drive more safely while on the road, among semis can be found here.

Give Truckers Plenty of Space

There are a number of reasons that you should not crowd an 18-wheeler. While you would think this is common driving knowledge, the fact is many drivers just do not heed this extremely beneficial advice. Being too close to a semi driver is never a great place to be. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Blowouts are extremely common. Have you ever noticed chunks of rubber on the side of a road? These are all remnants of a semi-truck blowout. If you are too close to a semi when this occurs, you will likely find that rubber starts flying your way. This may result in the truck swerving, which is the perfect storm for a serious accident.
  • Trucks and sails have a lot in common. Just because the semis are heavy, it doesn’t mean they are immune to being moved by the wind. The fact is, when the wind catches a truck just right, it can be extremely difficult for the driver to control it. This can become an extremely dangerous situation if you are too close.
  • Blind spots abound. Your vehicle has blind spots and the number of blind spots a big rig driver has is really extraordinary. If you are too close, you may not be seen, which could result in a devastating accident.

Tips for Passing Big Rigs

If you need to pass a semi, you need to do so as quickly as you possibly can and hug the exterior part of the road. If possible, pass on the left. The right side has numerous blind spots, which means the driver will barely be able to see you. After you pass the truck, do not cut in front of it. Instead, provide much more room than they actually need. There is no reason to take chances while on the road, provide plenty of room for your larger co-drivers.

Remember, truckers also have laws they have to abide by. In many cases, significantly more than passenger vehicle drivers. If you drive safely and use the tips here, you will find the instances of scary or potentially dangerous situations are reduced significantly.