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Cell Phones and Personal Injury: Do You Have a Case?

There is no question that most people rely on their cell phone each day. From keeping up with loved ones while out and about, to handling important work matters, these tiny devices play a big role in most people’s lives. However, just like any other consumer product, there are some cell phones with design flaws, improper components and other issues that make them – in some cases – dangerous to use.

While Apple has had its fair share of incidents related to their iPhones, the latest in a long line of cellphone issues was had by Samsung. In fact, this technology conglomerate recently recalled one of its devices. The Galaxy Note7 was reported to have the potential to catch fire due to the lithium ion battery it used.

This potential to burst into flames presented a real threat of minor burns for those who used the device. According to Samsung, it is thought that approximately one million units have been affected by this defect. Some of the colors that were included in the recall include gold platinum, silver titanium, black onyx and blue coral and each one had a matching stylus. The defective phones all are from the Samsung brand and would have been purchased between the dates of August 2016 and September 2016. Some of the companies that sold these devices include US Cellular, AT&T, T-Mobile, Best Buy, Sprint, Verizon, and even on the Samsung.com website.

Anyone who believes they may have a device that is part of this recall is advised by the manufacturer to stop using it right away. If they are unsure, they can contact the manufacturer to find out if their device was included in the recall.

However, if a person was a victim of one of these devices that caught fire, they may also have the right to file apersonal injury claim for the damages or injures they suffered. In most cases, a claim is possible if the person was hurt in any way by the device, or if the fire caused any type of property damage in their home, vehicle, or anywhere else.

If a person is in this situation, then it is best to consult with a Kansas City personal injury attorney to determine if they have a case worth pursuing. While they will be able to receive a new phone from Samsung, they may also be entitled to additional compensation for the damages and injuries that occurred.