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How to Join an IVC Filter Class Action Lawsuit

Staying healthy is one of the biggest concerns you should have. Dealing with serious health issues like blood clotting disorders can lead to a lot of stress. The IVC filter was touted as the medical product that would end deaths related to blood clots. These filters were intended to break up the blood clots and prevent them from entering the heart or lungs. There are a number of health conditions that have been linked to the IVC filter, which is why class action lawsuits have begun popping up. The following are some of the things to consider when trying to join an IVC filter class action lawsuit.

Knowing the Statute of Limitations

Before you can join one of these lawsuits, you need to find out about the statute of limitations in your state. Each state is different when it comes to the statute of limitations regarding medical products. By taking the time to find out this type of information, you will be able to assess what your eligibility is and whether or not you will be able to take part in a class action lawsuit for the IVC filter.

Find or Start a Class Action Suit

After you have determined your overall eligibility for the IVC filter class action lawsuit, you will need to find out whether or not there is a suit going on in your state. Due to the statute of limitations and how they vary from state to state, you will have to find a suit that is just for the residents of where you live. If you are unable to find a class action lawsuit for the IVC filter in your state, you may need to talk to a lawyer about starting one. The lawyer will be able to inform you about what you need to do to get the ball rolling on this suit.

Understand The Time Investment Involved

Some people fail to realize just how time-consuming being involved in one of these class action suits can be. Usually, it will take a number of years to negotiate out one of these settlements. The lawyers will have to deal with the various manufacturers of IVC filter products, which will take a good bit of effort. In some instances, manufacturers will want to speed up this process and settle due to their need to avoid negative publicity. The lawyers handling the class action lawsuit will work hard to keep everyone up to speed on developments in the case as they happen.

The amount of effort invested in filing a class action lawsuit will be well worth it when you are able to receive a settlement to cover the medical expenses that have arisen from the IVC filter.