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Who is Liable for a Gunshot Injury and When can You Sue?

With hunting season in full swing, more and more people are heading for the woods with rifles in hand. While this is a great time of year for avid outdoorsman, there is a great deal of danger that comes with hunting season. Being the victim of a gunshot injury can be quite an ordeal. If you are shot due to no fault of your own, then you may need to look into suing the guilty party. Here is some information regarding the liability that comes with gunshot accidents and when you need to sue.

The Liability May Lie With the Shooter

One of the main things to look at when involved in this type of accident is whether or not the shooter acted irresponsibly during this ordeal. If the shooter was joking around or attempting to scare you, then chances are the liability for the subsequent shooting and injuries that resulted lie with them. Even if the authorities choose not to press charges against the individual who did the shooting, you still may have legal recourse you can take. If a lawyer feels confident they can prove the individual in question was negligent, then you may be able to get compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

Was the Shooting Caused By a Defect With the Gun?

In some instances, an accidental shooting can be caused by a defect with the gun. If there is clear evidence that the gun in question malfunctioned, then you may be able to go after the manufacturer of the firearm. In order to have success with a case like this, you will have to find a lawyer who has handled these types of cases before. Trying to sue the manufacturer of a product can be both expensive and time-consuming. Finding the right legal help is essential when trying to have success with this type of case.

When Should You Sue?

If you have sustained a number of long term injuries due to a gunshot accident, then chances are you need to sue. The best way to figure out what action should be taken in a case like this is by going in for a consultation. During this consultation, a lawyer will be able to get all of the particulars of the case and advise you on what your best course of action is. Sustaining injuries that have prohibited you from working can cause you a lot of financial distress. Suing the guilty party may be the only way you have to recoup the money you have lost.

Taking the time to go in for multiple lawyer consultations is the only way to figure out which legal professional can help you during this trying time.