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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

If you have suffered an injury, due to the fault or negligence of another person, then you may know it is time to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, before you can move forward with this case, you are going to have to find the right attorney for the job.

Unfortunately, there are several mistakes that are commonly made when making this decision. Knowing what these mistakes are is the best way to avoid them.

Hiring an Attorney Referred by a Family Member or Friend

There are quite a few personal injury attorneys who are hired by new clients because they represented a friend or family member in the past. While there are some situations where this isn’t an issue, this is not always the case. Just because an attorney was able to handle one personal injury situation, doesn’t mean they can handle them all. It is best to find an attorney who has experience with the specific type of case being faced for the best possible results.

The Lawyer Does Not Exclusively Practice in Personal Injury Law

This can be especially problematic if you have been involved in a situation where you suffered a serious injury, or a permanent disability. The more severe that your case is, the more important it is to find an attorney who has plenty of experience in the realm of personal injury law. While a general practitioner may be fine for a small car accident case, if there is a large amount of money at risk, then you should consider finding someone who only practices personal injury law.

The Believe that “Bigger is Better”

There are some people who hire an attorney based on the biggest law firm. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean they are going to receive the best representation. The fact is, with a smaller legal team, the victim is going to receive more personalized attention for their case, and likely have better results. After all, larger firms are about the bottom line – the faster they can finish a case (regardless of outcome) the better.

Failing to Research an Attorney First

If you take the time to research an attorney prior to hiring them, you will be more satisfied with the person you ultimately hire. The fact is, there are some attorneys who simply aren’t right for certain types of cases. Knowing this ahead of time can save you quite a bit of frustration.

Hiring a Settlement Lawyer

There are some lawyers who work for what is called a “settlement law firm.” This means their ultimate goal is to avoid trial – regardless of what you receive in terms of compensation. You need an attorney who isn’t scared to go to trial if that is what is necessary to help you get a fair amount of compensation.

If you are facing any type of injury, which was caused by someone else, then you need to hire a personal injury attorney. Finding the right one will be easy when you avoid the mistakes highlighted above.