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Attention Missouri motorists: Summer is high-risk road time

When you think about possible roadway dangers, your mind might automatically imagine a cold, dark, winter night where the roads are icy and slick and sleet mixed with snow is falling fast. That sounds like a recipe for disaster, doesn’t it? However, there’s another, perhaps surprising time when Missouri roads are at their peak for potential danger. It’s summertime.  

You might wonder what could possibly be so dangerous about driving on a highway in the bright Missouri sunshine, with dry roads and no call for inclement weather. In fact, there are many summertime risks when you get behind the wheel. The more aware of them you are, the safer you’re likelier to be although even safe drivers come into harm’s way if a reckless driver is nearby. If someone hits you and you suffer injury, it’s important to know how to determine if driver negligence was a factor.  

What’s so dangerous about summer? 

A few years ago, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety published data that listed the month of August as the month with the second highest number of fatal collisions. The following list includes reasons summer driving is often even more risky than traveling in winter:  

  • There tends to be more people on the road in summer, and a lot of them are teenagers. Teens are often inexperienced drivers who lack the proper judgment and skill needed to keep themselves and other drivers and pedestrians safe. 
  • Statistics show teenage drivers are involved in motor vehicle collisions more than motorists in other age groups are. 
  • More people on the roads means more vehicles as well. Traffic-laden Missouri highways and those in other states are dangerous; in winter, many people stay home in bad weather so fewer cars are on the road.
  • Vacationing people are often in a hurry, which may make them impatient at the wheel.
  • Drivers who feel stressed or are rushing to get to their destinations often place themselves and others at risk for injury. 
  • You hopefully check your tires for safety on a regular basis. In summer, it’s even more important to do so because hot temperatures can cause your tires to expand and if they are already worn, they might blow out. 
  • When the weather is nice, there are more motorcyclists and bicyclists on the road, which adds to collision risks as well. 

You may be a cautious and safe driver, which is great. However, there’s no way to know if every driver in your vicinity will adhere to traffic and safety regulations. A serious accident often happens in an instant, especially if a driver becomes distracted, is intoxicated or simply acting in a reckless manner. If another person’s negligence causes you injury, you should not have to bear the full brunt of the expenses associated with the incident. That’s why Missouri law allows accident victims to seek recovery for their losses in court.