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Report: Kansas City suburb near the top of the U.S. for speeding

Speeding causes serious problems out on Missouri’s roads. Among the tragedies it can result in are fatal traffic accidents. Here in Missouri, 328 people were killed in speeding-related accidents in 2016. So, how common speeding is among drivers is a very impactful safety issue.

A recent report points to speeding possibly being particularly common among drivers from one of Kansas City’s suburbs: Lee’s Summit.

The report used data from car insurance shopper applications to estimate the percentage of motorists with speeding tickets for cities throughout the United States. It then ranked the cities based on this percentage. From these rankings, a top 20 list was reached of the cities that had the highest rates of speeding tickets among their drivers.

Lee’s Summit was the one Missouri city that made this list. It came in at the No. 15 spot. The report found that 17.42 percent of the city’s drivers had speeding tickets. In comparison, the percentage for the city that was ranked No. 1 in the U.S. for speeding, Clinton, South Carolina, was 23.64 percent.

How common do you feel speeding is in Kansas City and its other suburbs? It there anything in particular you would like to see done in the area to address the issue of speeding?

Speeding drivers, wherever they are from, can put those they share the roads with in great danger. When speeding drivers cause traffic accidents, the individuals harmed by this unsafe conduct can have legal avenues for compensation. Skilled personal injury lawyers can provide crash victims with guidance regarding these avenues.