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Brake violations lead truck safety issues

Poorly maintained truck brakes can pose a serious risk to the lives and well-being of others on the roads in Missouri. When a large truck crashes into smaller vehicles, the results can be catastrophic. That’s why some safety advocates may bemoan the fact that over 14 percent of all inspected trucks were pulled off the road due to brake violations during an inspection spree in September 2018. The spree took place as part of Brake Safety Week, an annual initiative of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

During the week, inspectors examined 35,080 commercial trucks, placing 4,955 out of service as a result of their findings. There are a number of braking issues that could have serious safety repercussions and lead to catastrophic trucking accidents. Among the most common problems found by inspectors were ill-maintained antilock braking systems (ABS). ABS violations were found in 8.3 percent of power units that require the system while 12.5 percent of trailers requiring ABS were found to be in violation of maintenance standards.

Braking violations continue to be a serious issue for trucking safety. In 2017, the CVSA conducted a brake safety day rather than a full week. However, the alliance expanded the activities in 2018 due to the high level of violations. That level, 14 percent, remained approximately the same between the two years. In another truck safety inspection blitz in June 2018, brake violations were the top concern again, comprising 28 percent of all trucks ruled out of service.

Safety violations can contribute to severe truck accidents. When someone is injured in a trucking crash due to another party’s negligence, a personal injury lawyer can fight for adequate compensation that covers damages.