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Dump and delivery truck accidents have increased

In Missouri and around the country, people are seriously injured or killed in accidents with dump trucks and delivery trucks each year. These types of accidents have been on the rise, unfortunately.

According to statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, serious accidents that involved dump trucks and that required that vehicles had to be towed away increased by 9 percent in 2016. During that year, 8,206 serious dump truck accidents requiring towing from the scene were reported. The FMCSA also reports that there were 5,483 dump truck accidents in 2016 that caused injuries, which was an increase of 2.7 percent.

Concrete mixer trucks also showed an increase in the number of towaway accidents in 2016. During that year, there were 838 mixer truck accidents that required towing for an increase of 9.6 percent. The FMCSA also reports that concrete mixer truck injury accidents increased by 3.8 percent. During the early 2000s, serious injury and fatality truck accidents decreased with improvements in safety technology. However, the accidents have been increasing in the past few years. Experts believe that negligent driving behaviors such as distracted driving and speeding are large contributing factors.

People who are seriously injured in truck accidents may have legal rights. When the drivers are to blame for causing trucking accidents, the injured victims may file civil lawsuits against them. The employers of the drivers may also be liable when their employees’ negligence causes injury accidents. People might benefit from consulting with experienced truck accident lawyers about their potential personal injury claims. The attorneys may identify all potentially liable parties in order to maximize the recovery of damages for their clients.