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AAA study reveals distracting side of infotainment systems

Missouri residents who like modern vehicles should know that some technology can actually be harmful. Infotainment systems often come with features that have nothing to do with driving and serve only as potential distractions, according to researchers at the University of Utah. These devices include features for calling, texting and surfing the web.

Those same researchers came out with a study for AAA analyzing 30 infotainment systems found on new 2017 vehicles. Seven of the systems demanded a moderate level of attention, 11 a high level and 12 a very high level. Though they came with voice commands, using these was found to be distracting to some extent.

The most dangerous features were the GPS and texting features. Drivers were visually and mentally distracted drivers for more than 40 seconds when sending a text or programming a destination. To get a good idea of how risky this is, previous research says that taking one’s eyes off the road for 2 seconds will double the chances of a car wreck.

Throughout the study, participants became unsafe whenever they used the features behind the wheel. They would swerve out of lanes, drive slower than the posted limits and even fail to stop at stop signs. The features are not the sole problem; new technology has led to complicated dashboards, and not everything is fully tested.

Someone who incurs a personal injury caused by a distracted driver could file a claim against the applicable auto insurance company. A lawyer could utilize a network of professionals to gather proof of negligence before going on to the negotiation or litigation stage for the victim.