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Have you brushed up on winter driving safety tips?

With the fresh arrival of fall in Missouri, winter temperatures and driving conditions are on the horizon. Do you remember how to navigate your vehicle through the snow and ice?

To help jog your memory, the National Safety Council offers a few tips. Do your part to keep the roads clear of unnecessary wreckage this winter season.

Ensure your car is ready

To beat the potential winter rush at the auto shop, go ahead and get your car winter-ready now. That means testing your battery, installing winter tires, ensuring your wiper fluid can withstand cold temperatures and checking your tire pressure. Proper car maintenance goes a long way in avoiding car accidents.

Know how to avoid a crash

Besides maintenance, the right winter driving knowledge also helps avoid a crash. For instance, remember to always turn the steering wheel into a skid. Also, increase your following distance on snowy and icy roads, and do your best to not brake while ascending a hill.

Familiarize yourself with your car’s features

Your car may have several features designed to keep you safe in inclement weather. To remind yourself of what those features are, grab your owner’s manual and take a look at it. You may have anti-lock brakes or traction control, both of which ensure you have better traction.

Get a head start on safety

Before you head out on the road during the winter, ensure you can see in your mirrors and through your windows. Checking the weather and your route well before you set out, to make it easier for you to know if you need to leave early or take a different route.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.