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Are you experiencing delayed injury symptoms after an auto accident?

In the immediate aftermath of an auto accident, you may feel perfectly fine, making you think that you do not need to visit your Missouri physician. Because adrenaline can flood your body during extreme incidents like car accidents, the rush can mask symptoms until days later.

To help you differentiate between delayed injury symptoms and aches and pains that may have nothing to do with your auto accident, see what KTAR News has to say about the matter. Recognize when medical bills may be a negligent party’s responsibility.

Shoulder and neck pain/stiffness

Stiffness or pain in your neck or shoulders may flare-up in the days following the accident. This could be an indication of whiplash. Depending on your job, you may think your discomfort is work- or stress-related. See a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.


Headaches that crop up in the days after an auto accident may be symptomatic of a deeper issue, such as a blood clot, neck injury or concussion. Because of the delayed headache, you may not connect the symptom to your accident.

Abdominal discomfort

Pay close attention to how your abdominal area feels after a car accident. Swelling, bruising and pain may be indications of internal bleeding, which can be fatal. Additional indications of internal bleeding include dizziness and fainting.

Shifts in physical functioning and personality 

Personality shifts, depression, problems with vision and/or thinking are all indications of a potential concussion. You may not even notice these symptoms, but someone else could point them out to you. Take these symptoms seriously, and see a physician ASAP.

Injuries from auto accidents are not always obvious. Pay close attention to how you feel in the aftermath to determine just how “fine” you truly feel.